It's all about the birds and the bees – hummingbirds, bumblebees, honeybees – as well as moths, wasps, small flies and beetles, creatures who play an important role in ensuring food is available for human consumption.

COMMERCE — More than a dozen headstones at the Rosemound Cemetery in Commerce were vandalized with paint and graffiti some time in the last two weeks, the Herald-Banner learned Friday – and some of the graffiti included references to a violent street gang. 

As the Greenville city manager and city staff develop a draft of the 2019-20 city budget, they plan to consider two requests in regard to local property taxes, both of which have been made in recent months by multiple city council members and Greenville residents.

No one was hurt as a result of an emergency landing made by a light aircraft Wednesday afternoon, which Greenville city officials said was making training maneuvers earlier in the day at Majors Field, the City of Greenville Municipal Airport.

Please note that this story has been corrected since it originally ran in the Thursday, June 13 issue of the Herald-Banner. It has been clarified that the killing of vultures is always prohibited be federal law.

ROYSE CITY — The Royse City Independent School District Board of Trustees will change its employee compensation plan to add salary increases dictated by Texas House Bill 3, school finance legislation that was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Greg Abbott.

COMMERCE — It was practically standing room only in the council chambers at City Hall last week as community members attended the State of the City address.

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