David Claybourn Sports Views

David Claybourn Sports Views

  I’ve announced the Herald-Banner Dream Teams for football, boys basketball, girls basketball and volleyball in recent weeks, plus an all-opponent team for the Greenville Lions in football.

  Now it’s time to release another team that I select from time to time. The athletes who made this team caught my eye for one primary reason: their names. I like their names. This is an all-name team.

  Some of these players are new to the all-name team. Some are holdovers from previous teams.

  JENNIFER LOPEZ — Mount Pleasant girls soccer player. I wonder if she can act, sing and dance? I bet she has a poster of the more famous Jennifer Lopez.

  UTAH PORATH — Blue Ridge boys basketball player. An obvious question. Has he ever visited Utah? Maybe somebody from his family did before he was born.

  MAY’C LAHVIC — Bland girls basketball player. I couldn’t resist including May’C with a team released in the month of May plus I like how her name is spelled.

  C. NWUII — Garland Christian boys basketball player. That’s how his name was listed on a basketball roster that did not have any initials for the other 15 players. If that’s his real first name it sure is easy to write.

  HOSS ROUSE — Gordon football player. Hoss Cartwright, played by Texan Dan Blocker, was my favorite character on the TV show “Bonanza.” And yes, Dan Blocker played football at Sul Ross.

  CICERO “CISCO” CASTON — Weatherford football player. The Cisco kid was a friend of mine.

  CREEDANCE CLEARWATER CUOTO — Pro soccer player. Somebody in his family must have really liked that rock band.

  BOOF BONSER — Pro baseball pitcher who liked his nickname so much he had his first name legally changed from John. Good move, Boof!

  MILTON BRADLEY — Pro baseball player. I don’t know why but I always want to play a board game when I see or hear his name.

  MIRACLE FINGERS — Victoria girls basketball player. This one’s a holdover from previous teams. East Texas State, now Texas A&M University-Commerce, tried to recruit her but she never played for the Lions. That was a shame. I already has some headlines written in my mind: Lions win on shot by Miracle Fingers. I still think she should be a physical therapist.

  PICABO STREET — Olympic champion skier. Another holdover from a previous team. She was apparently named for Picabo, Idaho.

  I.M. HIPP — Nebraska football player. Another holdover. He once visited Greenville with his then teammate Ricky Simmons of Greenville.

  SCIENTIFIC MAPP — Florida A&M basketball player. He should have no problem finding his way to the gym.

  HA’SEAN TRESHON CLINTON-DIX — Dallas Cowboys defensive back. I prefer to call him by his nickname: HaHa.

  TRAPPER PARNELL — Kerrville Tivy football player. Great name for a quarterback on a football team with the nickname “Antlers.” Trapper must not have been trapped in the backfield for too many losses. He threw for 2,714 yards and 33 touchdowns for the 10-2 Antlers and ran for 656 yards and 14 TDs. Tivy had another pretty good quarterback before Trapper that people might remember: Johnny Manziel. By the way, whatever happened to that guy?

  David Claybourn is sports editor of the Herald-Banner.

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