Jeremiah Abrego

Jeremiah Abrego

  NAME: Jeremiah Abrego.

  SCHOOL: Greenville High school.

  SPORTS: Football, basketball, track and field.

  FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS MEMORY: Looking at all the teams that doubted us and giving them competition and even better yet a win in our home or their home!

  PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Attending the University of Permian Basin and becoming a professional athlete.

  FAVORITE PRO TEAM: Seattle Seahawks.

  FAVORITE COLLEGE TEAMS: My own college, LSU and Texas.

  FAVORITE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Myles Garrett and Bobby Wagner.



  FAVORITE FOODS: Wings and nachos.

  ROLE MODEL: Ray Lewis.

  WHAT COACHES HAD THE MOST IMPACT ON YOU: Coach Darren Duke, George Sellers, Danny Cobbin, Alex Contreras, Chris Williams, Te’Kaelon Harris and Dexter Patrick!

  Coach Duke taught me how to be a tough ole boy and was never easy on me and was the best head coach I’ve ever had!

  Coach Sellers was a different kind of coach. He was the hardest on me and never congratulated me because he knew I can do way more than I was doing and he showed love in many places and he was the best positional coach and father figure I could have!

  Coach Cobbin is kind of like that younger father who can run with me and discipline me when nobody was around and he was the best defensive coordinator I ever had teaching me how to be a leader!

  Coach Contreras saw my potential and gave me a chance and showed me a way of being a true dog and always teaches me new stuff I never even thought about!

  Coach Williams always, I mean always called my name being the hardest coach besides Sellers on me and he taught us stuff in one year we never learned our whole basketball careers and I’m grateful that he believed in me when sometimes I didn’t!

  Coach Harris is the first coach who saw potential in me bringing in the light and becoming a threat to not only older teammates at practice as a freshman but to the other teams as well. He created a start for me as I created the image!

  And last but not least Coach Patrick wasn’t here my last year but he was my father at the school. He took care of us and he saw a dog in me and woke it up and he is one of the most real coaches ever inspiring me to be more than just a basketball player but a man!

  Those are the best coaches and family members that I owe very much.

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