DALLAS — A team with three Greenville amateur golfers finished first in the second annual Jerry J. Ransom Pro-Junior-Am golf tournament on Monday at Royal Oaks Country Club. Matt Neyra, Jason Barborak and Cliff Arnold joined forces with pro Brian Norman and junior golfer Sutton Price to finish first with a 17-under 125 total that included scores of 64 and 61.

  The tournament is a fundraising event conducted by the Northern Texas PGA for the benefit of the Northern Texas PGA Foundation. The event helps to continue to grow the game of golf in North Texas and raised $149,000 this year.

  Ransom, an avid golfer who is from Greenville, has supported the Northern Texas PGA Foundation’s growth of the game initiatives for many years, but wanted to do more to give back and further support the NTPGA’s initiatives.

  The funds raised from the event benefit the Foundation’s broad-based community outreach programs including the college scholarship program, summer camps, fellowship program and the junior tour. More than 10,000 kids benefit each year from this support and the positive life lessons encouraged by the game of golf in North Texas.

  The event featured 16 teams consisting of three amateurs, a PGA of America golf professional and a former or current NTPGA Junior Tour member.

  Following the tournament, the names of the junior golfers who participated were placed into a random drawing for a $5,000 scholarship to further their college education. Wade Langley, of Winnsboro, took home the check and funds will be paid in his name when he heads to college in the fall of 2020. This year, the NTPGA Foundation will award a record of $406,800 in scholarships to students.

  Ransom played in the tournament and his team tied for sixth with a score of 136.

  The scoring format was the professional/junior team playing a modified alternate stroke with the added low net ball score of the three amateurs.

        Jerry J. Ransom Pro-Junior-Am

         Royal Oaks Country Club

              Monday, Dallas

(Professional/junior plus amateurs)

  1. Brian Norman/Sutton Price, Matt Neyra, Jason Barborak, Cliff Arnold, 64-61-125

  2. Greg Gregory/Mariano Barbosa, Mark Maguire, Phil Blase, Jack Sczzenpanski, 64-62-126

  3. Cameron Doan/Dawson Ovard, Jim Addison, Nick Pollard, Paul Teske, 63-65-128

  4. Thomas Devanna/Chance Mulligan, Kevin Wester, Stuart Munro, Mark Kazlowski, 68-63-131

  5. Tony Martinez/Luke Harrison, Scott Bedunah, Tanner Robertson, Steven Dodson, 70-62-132

  T6. Dean Larsson/Libby Winans, Jerry Ransom, Keith Bonham, Wendall Martin, 69-67-136

  T6. Todd Balkin/Knox Wagoner, Scott Wagoner, Robert Wagoner, Derek Harmon, 75-61-136

  T6. Stuart Deane/Wade Langley, Kacy Kent, Clayton Rainey, Grant Henson, 73-63-136

  T6. Chad Moscovic/An Shelmire, Danny Brumley, Billy Murray, Susy Grunden, 71-65-136

  10. Corey Roberson/Mateo Trevino, Scott Coffman, Jason Kessler, Tony Brooks, 67-70-137

  T11. Rick Woodson/Megan Winans, Roger Carwile, Bobby Bigby, Tim Donham, 69-69-138

  T11. Ira Molayo/Peri’don Castille, Dave Ridley, Jack Perkins, Daniel Barron, 73-65-138

  T13. Todd Harbour/Justin Thomas, Bennett Ratliff, Thomas Ratliff, YoYo Rosario, 69-71-140

  T13. Brad Ott/Allie Bianchi, Chris Phillips, Mike Clendenin, Erick Struck, 72-68-140

  15. Jeff Barton/Trinity King, Terry Thomas, Greg Sims, J.D. Sims, 72-71-143

  16. Tim Cusick/Carson Cusick, Howard Moore, John Adams, Zach Gilbert, 78-66-144