WOLFE CITY — Winning the eighth annual Craig Bowers Memorial Monster Ball Golf Tournament on Sunday was really special to Scott Coffman.

  “This year, being able to win the championship flight means the world to me,” said Coffman.

  Coffman and partner Todd Mayfield won a tournament named for Coffman’s best friend, who died in a skiing accident in 2012. Coffman and Mayfield claimed the championship flight by three strokes after shooting a 61 for 18 holes on Saturday and a 29 for nine holes on Sunday at Webb Hill Country Club. The first four flights in the field of 100 two-player teams ended early on Sunday evening after a thunderstorm blew in with lightning and heavy rain. Most of the teams in those flights had several holes left to play when the tournament was suspended. Tournament officials then chose to count only the first nine holes that were completed during Sunday’s round.

  “Since it was based on 27 holes, my goal now is to win in 36 holes,” said Coffman.

  Coffman, who is a local golfer, credited the play of his partner Mayfield, who is from McKinney.

  “It’s a two-man scramble,” said Coffman. “If it wasn’t for Todd Mayfield we wouldn’t have got it done.”

  It was the second straight tournament victory for Coffman, who won the first flight last year with partner Matt Neyra.

  Derek Kelly and Chaz Cobb finished second at 93 while former Texas A&M University-Commerce golfers Hagen Wood and Seth Maxwell teamed up to finish third.

  Dustin Stephenson and Geoff Moulton won the first flight by one stroke over three teams with their total of 90.

  Former Greenville Christian School football player Danny Jones won the second flight by a stroke with partner Mike Collins with a 98. GCS teammate Joe Killgore, who shot a hole-in-one on Saturday, finished in a tie for second with his partner Brent Bennett. Killgore aced the 189-yard 15th hole with a 6-iron. Alfonso Rodriguez and Jose Quintero also tied for second.

  Curtis Stanley and Guadalupe Arana claimed the third flight with their total of 99.

  The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh flights completed their 18-hole rounds earlier Sunday without a delay.

  Jerry Woodard and Michael Winn won the fourth flight by two shots with their 36-hole total of 136.

  Bill Hannon and Josh Mowell took the fifth flight by a stroke at 140.

  Two teams tied for first in the sixth flight at 143: Hunter Jones with Cramer Johnson and Jerrie Phillips with Deanna Phillips.

  Former Greenville Lion quarterback and soccer standout Jake Jackson and Staci Jackson tied for first place in the seventh flight with Charles Hein and Dustin Hughes.

  Golfers shot two holes-in-ones in the tournament, also including one by Johnie Jackson on the 190-yard hole No. 11 on Saturday. Jackson used a driver.

  Proceeds from the tournament will benefit local charities.

  Bowers was a Greenville Lion player and assistant coach and also an assistant principal at Royse City High School.

          Eighth annual Craig Bowers Memorial

            Monster Ball Golf Tournament


            Webb Hill Country Club


1. Scott Coffman-Todd Mayfield             61-29-90

2. Derek Kelly-Chaz Cobb                      62-31-93

3. Hagen Wood-Seth Maxwell                 64-30-94

           FIRST FLIGHT

1. Dustin Stephenson-Geoff Moulton        63-30-93

T2. Andy Hudson-Keith Strickland            61-33-94

T2. Shaun Franklin-Blake James              63-31-94

T2. Casey Barbee-Tony Jenkins               64-30-94


1. Danny Jones-Mike Collins                    66-32-98

T2. Alfonso Rodriguez-Jose Quintero        68-31-99

T2. Joe Killgore-Brent Bennett                 68-31-99

          THIRD FLIGHT    

1. Curtis Stanley-Guadalupe Arana            66-33-99

2. Andrew Rainey-Daniel Florida              70-33-103

T3. Six teams

           FOURTH FLIGHT

1. Jerry Woodard-Michael Winn               66-70-136

2. Tom Benton-Chip Driver                     71-67-138

3. Kevin Bowers-Katie Holloway              69-71-140

           FIFTH FLIGHT

1. Bill Hannon-Josh Mowell                      69-71-140

2. Bradly Mayrell-Trey Moree                   68-73-141

3. Jay Sorrells-Trey Sorrells                     74-69-143

          SIXTH FLIGHT

T1. Hunter Jones-Cramer Johnson            71-72-143

T1. Jerrie Phillips-Deanna Phillips              71-72-143

T3. Caden Bowers-Bobby Bowers              74-75-149

T3. Landon May-Kevin Money                   76-73-149


T1. Jake Jackson-Staci Jackson                 73-77-150

T1. Charles Hein-Dustin Hughes                74-76-150

3. Todd Hemphill-Tommy Hemphill            79-77-156