Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

We were pleased to read the “Of Cowards and Sellouts” viewpoint in the June 25 edition of the Herald-Banner.

We are in total agreement with the author’s sentiments in his assessment of Representative Bryan Slaton. Our elected officials need to seek and follow the desires of all their constituents.

I think Mr. Slaton believes that he needs to win the “race” to become the most right-winged conservative in the Texas House; but really what his constituents want is for him to come up with solutions to problems that will actually make a difference and benefit people of the state of Texas.

Although we are not of the same party as John Cornyn, we want to express our thanks to him for working on a bipartisan effort to address gun violence in our country.

As an American, I expect my senator to listen to the entirety of his constituency and be willing to work with Democrats on issues that are important to all. Although we would have hoped for more, it was refreshing that the partisan division that has divided this country was put aside on this issue.

This is the way our government should work.

Steve and Teena Shipp


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