To the editor:

Subject: Letter to the editor in response to editorial “Amnesia with Immigration Plagues America”

Mr. Ehl’s recent editorial was a heart-warming human interest story about his family tree. This family story is very similar to that of most Americans.

Sadly, it is totally irrelevant to the current discussion of mass runaway immigration (invasion).

It is irrelevant to the point of being dangerously misleading. This is not about race. Despite the efforts of a strident highly orchestrated chorus of parrots, this is not about race.

I assume that the prominent display of Mr. Ehl’s editorial revealed that our beloved local newspaper has joined that highly orchestrated chorus.

This is about biology, history, and above all things is about mathematics. George Droll’s recent rebuttal was astute and, as always, very accurate. He addressed the issues of political history and economics.

My concerns are on a more primal level. Perhaps our national press should revisit the writings of Thomas Malthus, circa 1736, if in fact they have ever visited his philosophy at all.

The Malthusian Principle is about the certainty of mathematics, about the mathematics of exponential population explosion. Everything he has predicted has happened, and it is now happening exponentially.

God gave all animals except man seasonal rut. He did not insert the caveat of “seasonal” with our species.

Throughout all history, Homo sapiens have outbred their habitat and become unable to sustain life. This has led to pouring over territorial borders and creating famines and war. This pattern is unchanging. The reproductive rate has always been inversely related to education and socioeconomic position. Within my lifespan the planet’s population has leaped exponentially from slightly over one billion to the current seven billion.

Having destroyed their own habitat with the corruption and famine that always follows high density living, people are coming in the untold millions to climb aboard the life raft which is America.

What profit is a life raft at the bottom of the ocean?

Our population explosion must be reversed if America is to be saved. This includes all Homo sapiens. It is not all specifically about the Mexican immigration. The story of Mexico is primarily a story of political corruption and the fact that Mexico has now become probably the most dangerous narco-state in the world. Control of these hapless people is shared by corrupt politicians and drug lords. They cannot be blamed for seeking a better life. Crushing America is not an answer. Sheer weight can crush any system. Ask your local physics and astronomy teachers. Look around.

Education system: Crushed by sheer numbers.

Welfare system: Crushed by sheer numbers.

Health system: Crushed by sheer numbers.

Transportation system: Crushed by sheer numbers.

Tax system: Crushed by sheer numbers.

With apologies for the length of this letter, America cannot cure all of the world’s problems. Specifically, we cannot cure the problems of Mexico. Despite his protestations, Vincente Fox, President of Mexico, has no intention of choking off the second largest money flow in the Mexican gross national product. He will do nothing except facilitate the massive immigration invasion.

I and all Americans feel great sorrow for the plight of the fine people of Mexico who are forced to flee their homeland. We must have an intelligent worker program that does not increase the burden of our overwhelming population explosion problem. We must get our leaders to think outside of their political correctness. With all due respect to Mr. Ehl, he is clueless about the imminent danger to America.


James E. Nicholson, M.D.



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