Well, here we are in those confusing weeks between October and the start of the holiday season. It is too early to buy a turkey and too warm to wear heavy coats.

So, what to do?

There are a few answers available for the folks at the Kellar Estate, and I will get to that in a minute.

But I do have to start here by paying respects to two individuals who were part of the family.

Vida's brother Marlon was shot and killed in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I never got the chance to know Marlon well, but he and Vida were pretty tight. He was known for calling the Estate out of the blue, at odd hours. Pretty soon he'd have Vida rolling, laughing so hard she would almost cry.

Once the call was over, I'd check to see what all the hysterics were about, and I'd hear "Oh, that was just my brother Marlon."

Vida also loved Marlon because of his resemblence to their father, who passed away shortly before Christmas of last year.

Marlon's death came on the heels of the passing of John Epps, our neighbor-across-the street.

Mr. Epps was also known to us for his ability to make Vida laugh, for his dependability as a friend and for his love of his family.

Both of these losses were hard for those closest to the departed, especially with the holidays approaching, and both of these men will be remembered and missed for a long time to come.

Now, back to these awkward days of fall ...

One of the ways we are managing to deal with the lull between Oct. 31 and Nov. 27 is by counting candy.

I was recruited Friday night to take our daughter Jaylynn (dressed as a belly dancer), our son Jason (vampire) and Jaylynn's friends Madison (witch) and Danielle (biker chick) to Halloween on the Square. Of course, there were millions of trick-or-treaters wandering the streets and I was a little worried about Jason, who turns 2 Thursday, wandering off.

Actually, Jason was wonderful, staying right by our sides and holding our hands, at least at first. After the first couple of stops, Jason began to realize what was going on, that people were going to be dumping candy into his pumpkin bucket all night. Pretty soon, there was no way he was going to walk off, he wanted to stay with the people who were taking him to more candy, but he refused to hold our hands, as he had a double-fisted grip on that pumpkin, even after he got back to the Estate.

I then took the girls to the mall, then dropped off Danielle, while Vida and Madison's mom Amy later took Jaylynn and Madison trick-or-treating through Madison's neighborhood.

So today, Sunday, we spent raiding Jason's pumpkin (hey, he is never going to miss that bite-size Butterfinger) and tallying Jaylynn's mountain of candy.

Of course, Tuesday is the election. Jaylynn, 9.5, is expressing her first real opinions on the presidential race this time around, being a Barack Obama fan. She says she likes Obama because he says wants to change things, even though Jaylynn is not entirely sure what Obama feels needs to be changed.

As for me, having to cover the event for the newspaper, I am hoping the results come back faster than did the ballots in 2004, which were released at 4 a.m. the next morning.

Saturday was our granddaugher Lauryn's first birthday, but we are planning on hosting a combined birthday party for her and Jason this week.

Next Monday is Vida's and my 14th wedding anniversary and, after that, it will be right about time start stuffing and cooking the turkey, as it will be Thanksgiving, when we again give thanks for what God has given us and continue to remember and pray for those who no longer are sitting around the table.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer

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