To the editor:

In October 2000, the community of Greenville did an amazing thing with the help of the City’s Parks Department. (Thank you John Cobb, Andy Priest, and the boys!) In a seven-day period, we built a playground the size of three football fields! The children called it Kid Zone. We named it Aunt Char’s Kid Zone after an anonymous donor gave over $80,000 to ensure the playground would be built.

The playground has fared well over the last five years. We have had a few broken pieces of equipment, some graffiti, and your basic wear and tear. However, over Christmas break we had some major vandalism done to the bathrooms built by the City which people at the playground utilize.

We had a dinosaur slide façade broken off, a section of the capstone on the Wall Fame was broken, several pieces of decorative trim were taken off the historical facades, and more graffiti!

Luckily, a foundation called the Hunt County Playground Association was founded by some of the original Kid Zone Committee members. The HCPA has set aside money left over from the building to help finance general maintenance and repairs of the playground. However, this is just a seven-member board.

Help is needed in the month of February to spruce up Aunt Char’s Kid Zone. We need to paint the colored components of the playground, the entire playground needs to be re-sealed, and the necessary repairs made. The HCPA has scheduled three workdays we would like you to be aware of:

Monday, Feb. 20 from 9 a.m. till noon — come help us paint Aunt Char’s Kid Zone. Bring coffee cans and paint brushes.

Saturday, Feb. 25 from 9 a.m. till noon — come help us seal Aunt Char’s Kid Zone

We will have a small group of Boy Scouts to help, but we could use more volunteers to help!

Saturday, April 22 — Bad weather or rain date make-up day

Please remember, this is your playground. If you enjoy using it and bringing your kids out to the playground to play, please take just an hour or two to come by and lend us a helping hand in taking care of such a good thing for Greenville!

And, if you see any kids carrying baseball bats into the playground, please tell them to put the bats away or call the local authorities

If you have any questions, please call 903-454-3833.

Joy Hosey


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