To the editor:

This is in reply to the editorials that have been written by Neil Cardwell, Ali Phillips, and Mr. Horn.

Ben Franklin said “The Pen is mightier than the Sword.” Reading the three relating articles brings this quote to mind. Mr. Cardwell, a young member of our community, brought an issue to the forefront of our community. He did this without malice.

Miss Phillips, a student within the district, disagreed with using band as an example and wanted to clarify some facts. I find that Miss Phillips did an outstanding job of using pen to show the facts. It is very apparent her dedication as one of the leaders in the band program. She is and will continue to be a valuable member of our community. Way to go Ali!

Mr. Horn, on the other hand, attacked Mr. Cardwell’s character as well as used supposition to make what point he thought he had. Has Mr. Horn ever met Mr. Cardwell? Does he really know what motivates a person to write an article? I think not.

He is the adult in this situation. In our community we do not need people that attack. We need people that are willing to work through a problem as Ali tried.

An issue was raised and got the attention of others. I want to commend the GISD for its swift review of some potential problems. They have acted quickly. I get really irritated with people bad mouthing the district. It has problems, but when it is brought to their attention they try to find a solution.

The band department in this district is the most honest group that I have seen. They have addressed many a problem over the years. We may not always agree with their solution to the issue, but they do solve them.

In conclusion, let us quit attacking the members of our community. Let us say bravo to the administration this year. I have full faith in their abilities through technology, finances and watch dogging potential problems.

Let us make Greenville the place that all of us truly see in our hearts, not a place for character attacks!!!!!!!

Julie Sedgley


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