To the editor:

Greenville ISD, students and staff look very sharp this year as the uniform code has kicked in. I am proud of the way the staff and students have handled the change. Overall, you look like a district working together to make things better for each other. Greenville ISD is looking like a team throughout the district.

I even attended the high school’s first pep rally of the year. It was wonderful to see all the Greenville colors represented. I have to admit when we were allowed to choose our own clothing: it wasn’t so bright. Now students, those of you who know me, know I believe in individual rights, but I am okay with uniforms. Most professional jobs from professional sports through government offices have dress codes. I can remember being able to tell which service station a person worked for by their uniform, away from work and business everyone dressed as they chose to.

There is one thing that has bothered me with the uniform dress. Mr. Duane May was one of the biggest advocates for school uniforms. From teacher’s dress code to student dress code you voiced your opinion. Sir, you are a member, though be it an elected member of GISD, but do not find the need to conform. When you visited opening day for teachers in your blue jeans, example number 1. Number 2, you attended the pep rally in shorts, but only with the exception of coaches, shorts are not professional dress. Now I believe that a member of the board who voted and led the way for this change should be setting the example when attending school functions and especially during school hours of normal operation. Now in fairness, Mr. May, you attended as a parent, but you are still a school board member, and people are watching all that happens. If you are going to “talk the talk,” please “walk the walk.”

Charles Daugherty


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