On July 29, The Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Unit 81 and the DAV Chapter 81, combined their talents and provided a free luncheon of various types of spaghetti, garlic breads, salads and desserts for the Greenville Police Department.

However, we could not have done this without the assistance of Brookshire’s, Super 1, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. They were all very instrumental in assuring we were able to accomplish our task.

We all feel that the police; of all types of official services and in every venue of America are being belittled, harmed, maimed and/or killed with no justification. Many of the state governments refuse to back their police departments due to a lack of backbone; yet still want them to protect us from harm from the “so-called” peaceful rioters, burners and looters.

We thank you for your service in protecting us and always pray none of you come to any harm.

John Turner

Commander, Hunt County

DAV, Chapter 81

Shirley Turner

Commander, DAVA, Unit 81


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