Letter to the Editor

Dear Postmaster Littleton,

I read the article in today’s edition of the Greenville Herald-Banner and was shocked at what is being proposed in our city.

A number of years ago, a serious mistake was made when the post office vacated downtown, leaving not only the business community but all of the northern segment of the city without the convenience of their local post office. Needless to say, that didn’t work and thankfully, another post office was moved back to the current location.

To even consider closing the post office located in the Rolling Hills center is beyond belief! This takes away a much needed service in the heavy growth area of our city. The office currently located downtown is in a strategic location but much too small for easy access and without adequate parking.

Here is what we have in Greenville at the two locations: A group of dedicated employees who care about their jobs and their community. I believe I speak for a large majority of people who use either place, that we have a wonderful, professional staff of people who are there to serve those who need local postal service. I hope that a strong voice of support for both locations will be heard by those who are charged with making such a drastic, negative decision that would impact this entire area.

I want to thank all those who work hard to carry out their duties at all of our local facilities, providing mail service and delivery of our mail come rain or shine. Our community appreciates what you do.


Jerry Speight


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