Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

 “There you go again.”  Ronald Reagan to Jimmy Carter. 1980.

 This famous Reagan quote quickly came to mind, upon reading Bob Deuell’s latest salvo against our great conservative state Senator, Bob Hall.

Deuell’s ongoing obsession with Senator Hall was on full display again last Thursday in a letter to this publication. I laughed out loud while reading Deuell’s description of Hall as an “extremist”.  After all, it was the supposedly conservative  Deuell who took extremism to a whole new level in 2018 by endorsing a Democrat for state senate.

 Has Deuell read the Democrat Party platform lately! Was he even aware that the Democrat he endorsed donated to the campaign of Wendy Davis, Deuell’s nemesis who, in 2013 became a darling of the liberal news media by filibustering pro life legislation supported by Deuell?

 Mark Hutchins, former GOP county chairman and current Hunt County Commissioner responded swiftly and properly to Deuell’s ill-fated endorsement in a letter to the Herald-Banner by describing the endorsement as  “a slap in the face” to Republicans who had supported Deuell for many years. Hutchins, concluded his letter by urging Deuell to withdraw all endorsements of Democrats and support the full slate of Republican candidates. Deuell refused.

 When the dust had settled, the Republican Executive Committees of all nine counties comprising SD 2 rallied around Senator Hall, passing strong resolutions of support for the Republican ticket. On election night, Senator Hall was swept to victory, easily winning 8 of 9 counties, including Hunt County where the Deuell endorsement bombed badly. The “Deuell Democrat” took only 26% of the vote.

 It’s been over seven years since Bob Deuell lost his seat in the Texas Senate to Bob Hall. Despite Deuell’s status as an entrenched incumbent and accepting at least $80,000 in campaign cash from San Antonio billionaire Charles Butt, Deuell could not match the grassroots excitement generated by the Hall campaign. North Texans know an actual conservative when they see one and they voted accordingly.

 I first supported Mr. Deuell in 2000 in his first run for senate. By 2014, I‘d had my fill of “Establishment Conservatism”. I switched to Mr. Hall and his promise of true grassroots conservatism. Based on Hall’s performance in the senate and Deuell’s ensuing response of endorsing a Democrat,  I have no doubt, I made the right choice.

Ron Rogers





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