Letter to the Editor

I would like to commend the Greenville ISD Board of Trustees for appointing Sharon Boothe as Interim Superintendent of Schools.

  Ms. Boothe has a wealth of knowledge in the procurement of public schools.  She is the embodiment of an accomplished professional dealing with a myriad of ever growing complications occurring in the public schools today.  As we continue to face the covid 19 onslaught, it will take a dedicated leader committed to the betterment of our public schools to regain any progress lost and drive GISD forward.

Greenville schools will need a leader that is knowledgeable of our community in which they serve and have the ability to create a plan for the upcoming expectations from the state of Texas.  Not only come up with the plan, but ensure the plan will come to fruition for the growth of all students.

Boothe embodies the endearing qualities that are required to lead our district in times of change through the pandemic educational landscape.  She is an expert concerning innovations in curriculum planning and delivery pedagogy.  She is a fantastic problem solver who is always willing to listen and work collaboratively with concerned parties to find effective solutions.

Boothe is beginning her 18th year in education, 7 years as a teacher and 11 years as an administrator.  She served the last 4 years as Deputy Superintendent, carrying out and facilitating Dr. Liggins’ vision for Greenville ISD.

As an educator with 40 years of service with GISD, I am quite familiar with the challenges our district faces.  I am convinced that Sharon Boothe has the respect, the foresight, and the knowledge to lift GISD up from the covid delirium and start our students down the many pathways to success and establish lasting normalcy to our school district.  

There will be rough times ahead to find solutions and make decisions to confront problems that are certain to arise and our school administrators, staff, and students will need prayers and dedication from our community to face these challenges.

Sharon Boothe, being a shining light for our district with all her talent, enthusiasm, and perseverance, would make a terrific Superintendent for Greenville ISD.

David Gish, Greenville                

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