Letter to the Editor

We all have the right to know what Greenville ISD students are learning. However, if anyone involved with Greenville ISD is teaching children that all White people are racist oppressors, they are going against district, state and federal guidelines, and they are going against the principles of Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory has many flaws, but it is not a school curriculum. It arose in the 1970s when some law students discussed their concerns about the way some laws were applied. For example, at that time, the punishment for possession of crack cocaine was often far harsher than the punishment for possession of similar amounts of powder cocaine. As a result, many poor people spent more time in jails and prisons than richer people who committed mostly the same crime. Many of those with longer sentences also happened to be Black. Critical Race Theorists such as Richard Delgado sought to change these policies, and in many ways, they have succeeded. Many laws and policies have already changed. However, this theory has had little impact on K-12 education.

The state of Texas asks teachers to include some discussion of historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr in Social Studies classes, even as early as first grade, and English teachers are asked to include diverse texts even before students can read these texts themselves. Some may object to this, but we are all served when family members talk to students about these ideas, share their own experiences and ask questions that help them reflect on what they are learning.

However, these conversations are not likely to show that we are right to fear racist indoctrination in our schools. Greenville ISD isn’t anti-White.

Beth Ellen McKinney, Greenville

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