To the editor:

Attention residents of Hunt County…

The events addressed in the Herald-Banner this date (July 14) should be a major concern for all of Hunt County.

The departure of Chief Deputy/Undersheriff Joe Knight from Sheriff Meeks’ staff is a blow to all law abiding citizens.

Why would the county judge and the commissioners court reduce the sheriff’s budget arbitrarily without his knowledge?

Why would the county judge and the commissioners court select specific ranks within the sheriff’s staff?

The actions suggest that the commissioners court are sworn officers who are capable of county law enforcement without the deputies on the sheriff’s staff, or is it in retaliation for something?

In any event, the commissioners court, by specifying ranks (i.e., G-9) were selective in picking an extremely honest and God-fearing deputy.


The Meeks’ term in office has been rampant with accusations, innuendos and debasing rhetoric.

The county judge and commissioners apparently have reason for these actions, but the activity runs contrary to keeping Hunt County crime rate minimized.

Why is this happening?

There must be some reason.

Jack Ramm



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