Dear Editor: At the November City Council meeting Mayor David Dreiling asked me to recognize and congratulate Greg Sims for being elected chairman of the Texas Economic Development Council.

This is an 800-member professional organization comprised of cities and private economic development organizations across Texas. One of TEDC’s primary functions is to influence development decisions statewide. In that regard, Greg has worked with the governor’s office and testified before the Legislature numerous times. We are extremely proud of Greg for this achievement. It speaks to his leadership and the mutual esteem of his TEDC colleagues who elected him chairman for this upcoming year.

Greenville is also fortunate to have Greg as president/CEO of the Greenville Board of Development. Expertise, creativity, and extreme optimism are essential qualities for success in this very specialized endeavor and Greg is blessed with all three. In preparing to recognize Greg (and with the help of John Dixon and Terry Thomas), I found a much bigger story about what Greg has accomplished for Greenville and the surrounding area. Allow me to explain.

Greg became president/CEO of GBOD in 2011 on the heels of the financial crisis during a time when little, if any, development was happening. However, progress the past five years has been astounding! During that time 680 new industrial/manufacturing jobs were created along with $231 million in capital expenditures to support those jobs. 

In the area of business retention, 500 jobs were retained, and 70 new jobs were created along with $32 million in capital investments. In addition, Greenville added $30 million in retail property value. Seventeen restaurants were under construction in 2016-17 alone. 

In total, this represents 1250 new and retained jobs, $293 million in capital investments, and a 28% increase in sales tax. GBOD’s annual budget is about $1 million per year. From a purely financial perspective, GBOD generated a $58 return for every dollar invested and that doesn’t include the trickle-down from new jobs or increased sales tax.

Greg has an exceptional track record. For those who haven’t meet or worked with Greg, he is humble, dedicated to family, honest to a fault, never takes credit and mentors everyone he works with. And, while I’m not privy specific to details, he has many more prospects in the pipeline. We’re indeed fortunate to have Greg Sims. Please join me in congratulating him for the work he does for all of us.

Jerry J. Ransom

Mayor Pro Tem

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