To the editor:

Re Wake up Hunt County.

I can no longer be silent. I read the headlines of our newspaper.

Next, I have seen the news stories on a Dallas TV station, and I have heard too many negative reports that are not in the interest of the people of our county. The man currently serving as our Hunt County Sheriff is a longtime resident of this county with a reputation of being fair, honest, law-abiding, and caring for others.

We have a sheriff that cares about doing his job and doing it well. For example, our sheriff and his deputies have been getting rid of illegal gambling devices and putting the folks who are behind these operations in jail.

He has also been cracking down on the drug dealers, while he is tending to the normal day-to-day law enforcement business of fighting crime and protecting the citizens of Hunt County.

Let us be open about what is going on here. Someone in the county does not like Randy Meeks as sheriff. Every time they can, they bring up an issue that can get the attention of people who do not know what is really going on.

Those few folks who do not like Sheriff Meeks would like to bring about some doubt when it comes to the next election for sheriff. I think it is time for the people of Hunt County to wake up.

Please realize that there are some “politics” in the county. When an individual or group wants to run off someone who does not play “their game,” then they create a stir. They will jump on the opportunity to draw attention to a mistake or oversight and will attempt to give the “appearance” that they are concerned about Hunt County. However, could it be that they are only concerned about the character assassination of a good man with the hopes that he will not be supported? May it never be!

I would say that the statement issued from the sheriff’s office demonstrates that he does not want to break any law. Thank you to the county attorney for seeing the real truth of the Sheriff’s actions and not wasting the taxpayers’ dollars to pursue what seems to be a personal vendetta by county politicians.

Thanks to Randy Meeks and all of the people working in the Sheriff’s Department for continuing to do a great job in spite of the negative publicity.

 I would solicit the citizens of Hunt County to call our Hunt County judge and commissioners and let them know you expect them to support our local sheriff, a man that really cares about Hunt County and the protection of its citizens.

Doug Latimer



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