Letter to the Editor

I am writing in reference to the article “Parents sue Greenville ISD after child sexually abused repeatedly” that was published on the Greenville Herald Banner Facebook page on July 1 and as a front page headliner in the newspaper on July 2. 

There are so many concerns I have with this story, but for this correspondence I wish to address the headline itself. The headline fails to inform your readers that this is an accusation; rather it reads as a verified fact. 

As you know, the District denies all allegations within this lawsuit, but due to your haste in reporting this salacious story to paint the district in a poor light, we were give a short few hours to provide a statement although we informed you that we had not even seen or received a copy of the suit. The headline is careless, in my opinion, and should have never been published as such.

This article, especially the headline which is not a quote from the lawsuit but an accusation from the Herald Banner, and accusations are appalling. Also, the comments allowed on your Facebook page about GISD teachers and educators saddens me. 

I do hope once the district has been served with this lawsuit and ultimately file its response with the courts, that the contents of GISD’s defense to these false allegations are given equal attention in your newspaper and Facebook page.



Greenville Independent

School District