After spending 36 years of public service to the citizens of Hunt County, I am retiring at the end of the year. My wife and I live in commissioner Pct. 1 and even after retirement we will be living in Pct. 1. Our roots are here and we care deeply about Hunt County.

That is the reason for my letter. We are supporting and endorsing Mark Hutchins for the position of Commissioner of Pct. 1 Hunt County.

I have known Mark’s family for many years. As my late father would say, “He comes from good stock.”

We need a strong Christian and family man in that position. We need someone who will not be swayed by folks with a lot of money. We need someone who will listen to reason and not make decisions that effect our citizens on their emotions.

We need someone who will demonstrate their conservative views when it comes to the taxpayer’s money. That person is Mark Hutchins.

To those of you who live in Pct. 1, please join Donna and I in voting for Mark Hutchins for commissioner Pct. 1 of Hunt County. You will not regret it. Thank you.


Hunt County

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