Letter to the Editor

I agree with Derek Price’s letter, in which he described how the citizens of Hunt County banded together after the severe storm June 19.  

I personally witnessed across Greenville and out in the county neighbor checking on neighbor to make sure everyone was OK and then jumping in and helping with any property damage.  

In the days that followed, Hunt County citizens continued to help each other out and still are to this day. It really was humbling to see and made me proud to be a part of this community.

The storm not only caused damage to homes and businesses but also left numerous people without power for days as temperatures began to rise and threats of additional storms in the forecast.  

The loss of power posed a major issue with the Detention Center because the backup generator did not power the air conditioner, and at the time we were housing close to 300 inmates. According to Texas Jail Standards, if the inside temperature reached a certain point an evacuation would have to be implemented. This would mean taking resources off the streets to move all inmates to other facilities and would have been a major cost to the taxpayers of Hunt County.

Hunt County Judge Bobby Stovall worked very hard in the hours that followed the storm to ensure that county assets were taken care of as well as working with GEUS to restore power to the Detention Center. GEUS arrived the next morning with numerous personnel and equipment and began the tedious process of bringing the Detention Center back online.

 All of the GEUS employees worked together as a team in a dedicated and professional manner not only for our facility but in the days that followed. I humbly believe that GEUS, FEC and all the linemen who have worked so hard have gone above and beyond to restore power to our community.



Hunt County Sheriff