Letter to the Editor

Last month we called GEUS to evaluate a transformer box located on our property. The 30 year-old box had begun to leak some fluid and was killing the grass around it.

A repairman was at our door the next morning informing us the box would be replaced immediately. Within 2 days, a “team” of GEUS workers carefully maneuvered a hydraulic lift through trees, removed the old box, installed a concrete slab and a new transformer box.

GEUS had notified nearby homes that power would be off for approximately 3 hours. The job was completed in a little over an hour! We were kept informed of every step taken, and the job was finished flawlessly.

Thanks to the hard-working, efficient, considerate employees of GEUS who keep our city operating. These people deserve a pat on the back for all the extra hours worked during the recent storms and the day-to-day issues that require attention. We appreciate all of you.



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