Who can brag and be proud and say their father was a soldier and was in France in WWI and then 22 years later would sign so a son could end up in France in WWII?

Who can say they were friends with Audie Leon Murphy if only one year in 1935? Who can say they saw the great French ship Normandy at Pier 88 in New York City capsized after a fire in 1942?

Who can say they were in the Navy but rode on a troop ship to Africa, then later rode another troop ship from England back to new York City in 1944? Who can say they saw the battle ship Nevada at Normandy, wished they were on it, then got that wish by serving on it “painted orange” and was at Bikini in for the 1946 atomic bomb test?

Who can say they served in Africa, Italy and France while a teenager of 17-19 years old? Who can say after five years in the Navy they joined the Army from 1950-1953?

Who can say they married a pretty teenage girl from Celeste, Texas, raise a great family and worked at Temco in Greenville, Texas?

If you can compare with this, be proud and brag like me. Send it to the Herald-Banner. I like to read what an honest bragger writes.



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