Letter to the Editor

When I retired I soon purchased an RV. Louise and I began to travel a lot. One of the places we went was Albany, Kentucky. That’s were Louise’s parens came from in 1918. We went there a lot. We would park our RV near a country store, the we would visit a lot of relatives.

 We became good friends with the man and woman that owned the store. Each year we would exchange Christmas cards. Fast forward to 2016. I got a graduation card from a girl in Albany.

I didn’t know hew, she was the granddaughter of our friends. She had looked at her grandmother’s address book, I suppose. Clever. I mailed her a generous gift and never got a “Thank you!” This year, I got another graduation card from the same address. The first one had a “sister.”

 I mailed “her” a generous gift and I haven’t received a “Thank you.” That’s not how it’s done in Texas, or is it!

P.S. I’m only 94!