To outsiders, Hunt County is just another small Texas town but if you’ve lived here, raised children here and dedicated yourself to this community, this is home. When tornadoes hit, you’ll find out just how easily we all come together. When businesses need support due to COVID closures, we support our little economy. So, when it comes to electing our community leaders, it only makes sense that we elect those who are a part of our community. Scott Cornuaud has lived in Hunt County for over 46 years, has dedicated himself by implementing prevention programs against alcohol and drugs, has volunteered 13 years to the Quinlan ISD board and sponsored numerous fundraisers that give back to our Hunt County residents and businesses.

Working at the Hunt County Attorney’s Office, I have been around Scott for almost five years. If I know anything about Scott, it’s that he fights tirelessly for all of his clients and treats people with dignity and respect. All are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law so when I recently read that Scott is always “fighting for his criminal clients” I felt criticized. Scott not only handles criminal and juvenile matters, mental hearings and protective orders, which are all responsibilities of the county attorney, he has also handled my divorce proceedings and has protected my two children and I.

Local defense attorneys are often appointed to defend the accused. My home has been burglarized twice in the last 12 months, and although sometimes the justice system doesn’t seem fair to victims, I grasp that the burden of proof falls on the prosecutor and that all Americans are entitled to a defense. A defense attorney’s first responsibility is to his/her client so stating things like “law enforcement lie” or mentioning a “Brady list” of law enforcement, who are considered unreliable due to past conduct, is not uncommon. In an attempt to villainize Scott, his words have been twisted repeatedly into “all Hunt County Law Enforcement lie” which is not what was said and is entirely untrue! Yet despite what few may say, Scott proudly supports law enforcement officers and has their support, too!

 Critics have said that “defense attorneys cannot be prosecutors,” I disagree. Defense attorneys are an essential part of our criminal justice system and have served thousands of our residents in criminal and civil procedures. Scott is experienced in both aspects of criminal defense and prosecution. He is adamant that both perspectives are necessary to fulfill the position of Hunt County Attorney and I agree.

Considering Scott’s experience and the undeniable investment he has made in Hunt County, becoming our next county attorney would be an effortless transition. I am voting for equality, experience and the candidate with deep Hunt County roots, Scott Cornuaud for Hunt County Attorney!

Alicia Olvera


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