I have been hearing about the possibility of freezing property taxes in the City of Greenvilleand started asking questions along with reading the information in The Herald Banner. I live on a fixed income and it sure would be nice for something in my life to be “frozen” along with my income.

It can be done by signing the petition that is going around to bring this issue to a vote or The City Council can do it themselves.

I have signed the petition and will encourage others to do the same. I am able to get you signed up, just let me know where to be. Or we can call our Greenville City Council and get them to get it going on this issue..

 That would be much easier and cost the taxpayers less money than having to vote the “freeze” into action. The Greenville Independent School District has something already going on to lower our property taxes. Come on Greenville, help the over 65 crowd.



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