I wanted to take a moment and tell the citizens of Hunt County about positive experience I had with Terry Jones.

Unfortunately, on the morning of Nov. 14, 2019, my home was under surveillance by some common thieves. They kept watch until all family members had left that morning.

Our security cameras caught them in action while they stole our trailer and welding rig.

I felt certain that by having them on video, it would lead to a quick arrest. I found out the hard way that the “wheels of justice” turn slow.

After week of paperwork, phone calls and face-to-face visits with local law enforcement, I had given up on the idea of ever getting justice or my property returned to me.

Even though I reside within the city limits, I was advised to contact Terry jones and discuss my dilemma. On Dec. 11 I made a call. To my surprise, I was speaking directly to Mr. Jones within 30 minutes. After going through the details of the case and sharing the video, Mr. Jones took action.

Within three hours, the perpetrator was arrested. By night’s end, my welding rig had been recovered along with my oxygen bottles.

When elections come around in March 2020, I will cast my got for Terry Jones for Hunt County’s new sheriff.



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