Over these past several weeks, we citizens of Hunt County have had the opportunity to observe and listen to supporters of upcoming Hunt County sheriff candidates and thus learn more about the candidates.

This has been through meetings with voter groups, as well as through their Facebook pages. We have seen a rise in recoveries of stolen trailers and other equipment which is good, and surely results from sound police work.

I find it interesting that a candidate for sheriff is receiving the bulk of the credit for this work. This makes me wonder what the heck the rest of the officers in the county are doing, or could this possibly be the result of political staging on the part of that candidate.

I have noted that Kirby Dean Luke has laid out all of his qualifications and strategies for the citizens to see, but I have not heard or seen any ideas from the others.

Perhaps he could include his credentials/qualifications on Facebook instead of simply showing photos of the recoveries of the stolen items.

Instead of this political maneuvering, it seems that it would be more informative to have the candidates participate in a monitored, structured debate in each precinct with the citizens being called upon to ask the questions.

 This would provide voters with the opportunity to learn where each of these gentlemen stand on the issues that are important to us. Just the thought from a registered voter!


Wolfe City

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