Letter to the Editor

I am GISD and NOT proud! When a good friend of GISD and Greenville is unceremoniously dismissed with nor warning or reason, we have to step back and look in the mirror to see who we really are!

Henington Studios has worked for GISD for many years giving the district many memories with their outstanding photography and service. Tom Wensel and his staff are easy to work with and they go out of their way to be sure every mom, dad or child that wants a picture, be it athletics, yearbook or any program in the district, gets one.

There have been times that a student’s family could not afford pictures and Tom comes through. It is done quickly and quietly.

Then there is what this man and his company have done behind the scenes for GISD. Done without fanfare, they have supported district programs with sponsorships and donations.

Heningtons is a local, family owned business that has always been involved in Greenville activities. Tom Wensel lives in Greenville, pays taxes and shops in Greenville.

My question is why we would treat our friends like this? The fact is Mr. Wensel, though his is upset with this treatment, has and will complete all of his obligations to the district and its students.

I find it hard to believe that an out of town company will do all that Henington Studios has done and would continue to do for GISD and Greenville.

I understand there was no formal bid for GISD’s picture business. How is it that this new out-of-town company came to get the contract? I call for the friends of the Wensels and Henington Studios to ask for an explanation.

Who made this decision and why was Henington’s fired? There is no pride when friends are treated like this.