Our two sheriff candidates were employed by Sheriff Don Anderson, who was an excellent sheriff, a retired DPS officer and Texas Ranger before he was elected sheriff of our county. Luke left our county and was employed by the McKinney Police Department. Jones has remained in Hunt County as a constable.

Why would a McKinney officer, with great retirement benefits, run for an elected office, which doesn’t pay as much and has to run every four years to keep his job?

He relates he will use video cameras for deputies, put officers in schools, as well as other expensive changes. Our county judge and the four commissioners set his budget ever year for the sheriff’s department, not the sheriff. Jones has and is serving our residents as an excellent law enforcement official.

Our new commissioners court needs to raise the subsidies for rural volunteer fire departments, based on the number of calls they respond to each month.

Let’s elect a true dedicated professional as our new sheriff, Terry Jones.



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