Last week Randy Meeks announced in the Herald-Banner he would not seek re-election for sheriff. Many of us call him Buford, comparing him to the historic sheriff, Buford Pusser.

Randy has served our county with integrity, honesty and true professional justice and protected the residents in Hunt County. His entire family is service-oriented toward their fellow man.

His wife is employed by our 354th District Judge, Keli Aiken. His son is a Greenville police officer. I have known Randy for 35 years. Buford was a Greenville police officer and when he was off-duty, he worked for Newman Peters ambulance service and funeral home, serving our entire county. He was an excellent constable before becoming sheriff.

The new sheriff we elect will have to work hard to fill the shoes left by (Buford) Randy Meeks. The possible new sheriff, if he decides to run for this office, is Terry Jones. Terry could become the new “Buford.” Terry has the law enforcement experience and is service-oriented.

Terry Jones is a highly respected county law enforcement official, as well as his entire staff.



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