Letter to the editor

My Last Hurrah

I am proud of my service in the Navy and the Army, in World War II and Korea.

I am proud to have been married and had a good family life with my children.

In January and June of this year, the Herald-Banner covered D-Day at Normandy well. They put a teenage boy on a pedestal! All of that got me to thinking!

I was a teenager from nearly the beginning of World War II until nearly the end of World War II.

I traveled from Celeste, Texas; to Dallas, Texas; to San Diego, California; to New York City; to Oran, Algeria; to Sicily, Italy; to Salerno and Anzio, Italy; to Plymouth, England; to Normandy, France and then back to Plymouth, New York City - then back home. I was then a teen of 17 to 19-years-old man.

I had seen our great country on troop trains from east to west, and north to south, in winter and summer.

What a sight for a teenager from Celeste, Texas; a “hometown boy.”

P.S. Maybe not my last hurrah.


Hometown Boy of Greenville, Texas since 1953