When I think of honesty and integrity, one person in particular comes to mind … Kirby Dean Luke.

From the first time I met him, Kirby has been completely open and honest with me about any questions or concerns I may have had. I also feel a great sense of security when in his presence which is sometimes difficult for folks to feel in the present day. I feel that Kirby is the best candidate for the highest ranking law enforcement position within our county for many reasons.

He is knowledgeable and creative enough to do the things necessary to get Hunt County back on track with todays society. Kirby is a people person and can read people very well.

Most importantly, he has a huge heart which shows by how much he cares for the people. Kirby also shows attentiveness to those missing throughout our county and sympathizes with their loved ones.

Kirby’s 24 years in the military (both active and reserve), along with the last 26 years of schooling and training has made him the dedicated officer he is today, which is what I believe makes him most suitable for the position of sheriff.

 Because of his character, qualifications, compassion, and ability to communicate with the public effectively, I recommend Kirby Dean Luke for Sheriff of Hunt County.

 I believe he will be fair and use his expertise to the fullest to make our County a place we feel safe and happy to call home.



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