My name is Brittany Peters-Sims and I am a life-long resident of Greenville, Texas. Personally speaking, in 2017 my family became victims of a home invasion, when two men high on meth at 2:30 a.m. decided to enter our home while we were asleep in our beds to burglarize us. They took peace from our sleeping 8-year-old son.

All bets were off after that, this Mama was livid! You wanna talk about terrifying, it is the most disturbing feeling ever.

The Greenville Police Department, Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office did an amazing job pursuing justice for our family. We did not deserve the crimes committed against us and as victims we got the justice we 100 percent deserved.

The DA’s Office guided us step by step through the most traumatic experience and along the way I learned what a hard job Jeff Kovach and Calvin Grogan have, and the countless man hours dedicated to victims in Hunt County and prosecuting these criminals.

 I highly respect Calvin Grogan and Jeff Kovach and thank you for being the voice of the victims that deserve to be stood up for, even the smallest victims like my own son.

I have full faith that Calvin Grogan will bring the same commitment and hard work into the Hunt County Attorney’s Office, we need that.

And ya’ll know my heart for GMPA Blue Santa, Calvin took our wish lists to shop for our Blue Santa kids and even shopped for a single Mama to help her get on her feet ( I know you didn’t want me to tell anyone that part, but it is awesome and well, sorry Ha.)

 Blue Santa Delivery Day he showed up bright and early to help deliver the gifts to children in Hunt County that have been impacted by crime and to make sure they had a day of happiness despite what they are going through.

It was a lot of fun and we really appreciate you putting heart, effort and support into our program that means so much to our community, the Greenville Police Department, Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and myself.

This is my why, as to why I support Calvin Grogan for the next Hunt County Attorney. His heart is in it. Our family wishes you the best and the biggest thank you.



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