Most everyone knows by now that my family and I will be voting for Calvin Grogan for Hunt County attorney. I’d like to provide some reasons why this race is so important to me.

First, in 2017, two men high on meth entered our home at 2:30 a.m. while we were asleep in our beds. My family saw firsthand what Calvin Grogan brings to the table as a prosecutor and would have never made it through the nightmare without him on our side. Hunt County deserves an experienced prosecutor to give victims the voice and justice they deserve, including our smallest victims, like my own son.

Second, Calvin and the District Attorney’s Office have always supported Blue Santa through the years to make sure hundreds of children who are victims of crime have a bright spot in their year and know people care about them. There are many children that have been blessed with new clothes, new shoes and even new X-boxes because of their efforts that normally they would not be receiving such things at Christmas.

Third, Calvin has also supported my own organization, Project Grace, in many different projects that cater to Hunt County. He helped gather baby dolls, bird feeders and bird seed for the Hunt County Nursing Home residents when COVID-19 shut everything down. These items provided comfort for the residents to keep them company and give them something to hold. The residents wanted to make Knot Blankets for our local child advocacy programs, Police Officers and Sheriff’s Office to distribute to our local children in their care. This gave the residents a feeling of purpose and an activity to utilize their hands. We were able to go to many nursing homes in our area to do different activities and Calvin educated the residents on his job as a prosecutor, eat cute cupcakes for Valentine’s Day with them, and give the residents an opportunity to talk about their life experiences. The residents LOVED it and grilled him for over an hour!

Finally, I felt compelled to get involved in the race for county attorney for a reason a bit more personal that I will choose not to include here. However, if you would like to talk about it with me, you are more than welcome to contact me.

I love Hunt County, have grown up in a family that has always served and put Hunt County first and only want to see our county have the best! We know what it truly means to invest in this county. Calvin has done that for twelve years now. Vote for him and let him continue to invest his time and talents here. We deserve nothing less.

Brittany Peters-Sims


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