Letter to the Editor

In the past few years, our racial prejudices and criminal acts are becoming more serious, our law enforcement and justice systems are criticized and ignored; any minority killed by police, while committing a crime, is called racial discrimination. Our police are not perfect, but 95% are dedicated to enforcing the law. Police make mistakes, as we all do. Our media instigates distrust to law enforcement officers.

When a law enforcement officer is killed during a crime, we don’t see protesters wanting justice for the officer killed. My father and uncle were both police officers. He always told me never to run from or fight an officer. If you are innocent that is what the courts are for.

As an EMT, I worked in Dallas then operated EMS services for Rockwall County for 20 years. Working with law enforcement daily, I never witnessed police abuse. In Hunt County, we have excellent law enforcement officers, D.A. and court systems. When we commit a crime and run or attack any officers, you deserve to be shot, regardless of race.

We have more people in prison than any other nation, because we have more criminals. This is due to excellent law enforcement and superior judicial system.