This past week, I took the time to examine the campaign finance reports for state Rep. Dan Flynn and Bryan Slaton. Dan received $48,500 from 44 donors. By contrast third-time candidate Slaton showed contributions of $151,179. Of that $151,179, West Texas billionaires Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks together gave Slaton $150,000. Dunn & Wilks are the main driving forces behind an organization called Empower Texans which includes a small number of other billionaires who have spent millions of dollars in media in the last 3 election cycles in Texas creating false narratives in an attempt to defeat strong conservative Republican candidates (like Dan Flynn). ET and their candidates even fought against dark money reform during the last legislative session. I believe they also fighting against local control, trying to move more political power to Austin.

Organizations who receive the overwhelming majority of their funds by the Empower Texans donors are: Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility PAC, Constituents Focus PAC, New Leadership PAC, Texans for Vaccine Choice PAC, Young Conservatives of Texas PAC, Grassroots America-We The People PAC, Direct Action PAC, Texas Right to Life PAC (which was recently fined by the Texas Ethics Commission for campaign violations in the last election cycle). If Slaton runs his campaign like he did the last two times, very soon our mailboxes will be full of post cards from these related organizations, and they will try to create a false narrative about Dan’s conservative voting record. And Dan’s seat is not their only target. As Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick recently said of the ET chief spokesman, “You are destroying our Party.”

Right now, Slaton is running commercials on GEUS cable which attack Dan’s record and accuse him of being a liberal. If you follow Dan’s voting record, you know this is absolutely not the truth. Perhaps  someone should look into Slaton’s record. He claims that he worked 13 years in ministry. Is he willing to disclose why he left the ministry? I have questions about why he stopped.

Remember this: A vote for Dan is a vote for a reliable conservative who has accomplished tremendous things for our district and will continue to do so. A vote for Slaton is a vote for someone who has not disclosed any serious business experience, will most likely vote in lock step with the Empower Texans agenda, and has demonstrated little interest in our district beyond attempts to win an election.



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