To the editor:

With all these letters coming in to the newspaper about spending and education, I thought the discussion was lacking in a certain demographic … the students. I am a recent graduate of the Greenville ISD school system and I have mixed views on how our school district is operated from both state and local levels.

What I mean is that if the state does have to make financial cuts somewhere, the very last place it should be made is in the future of Texas, i.e., the students! I think it is completely ignorant of them to do such a thing. If your kids go to Greenville ISD, take a tour of the facilities and tell me if they are up to par; because I promise you they aren’t.

While I agree with one of the letters you received that throwing more money on a situation does not guarantee rising test results or a smarter graduating class, but the lack of funding certainly doesn’t help it either. Good quality teaching is what guarantees a better education. This is something besides money that Greenville lacks.

I use the phrase term lacking money loosely because it’s not the fact that we do not have money as a district, it is the fact that we spend it on asinine things unrelated to education.

I remember the very moment that I decided to graduate early and get out of Greenville. I was competing on the UIL team with all my friends, and we got our scores back and they paled in comparison to other districts.

As we were told at the beginning of the year, we were supposed to be the “cream of the crop” representing Greenville in these academic competitions. Every weekend I went to a competition, and every weekend I got more and more demoralized and jaded … which is hard to believe because years in hell, whoops, I mean GISD, had done most of that already. UIL gave me the chance to see just how lacking my education was compared to other schools.

Also, our program received next to nil in teaching supplies. The one thing that brought teachers back to be a part of it was the stipend. To end my tangential rant on GISD, I’ll say that even though we may have been Greenville High School’s “cream of the crop,” we were still (excuse my French) cream of the crap on the grand scale.


Jimmie Hernandez III



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