To the editor:

This letter is in response to Marvin Moseley’s letter “Criteria already set” on Oct. 20.  Mr. Moseley, I envision you as an old worn-out man who views anything that brings enjoyment in life as totally wicked.

You say who wants to go downtown? It’s full of honky-tonks.

Well, Mr. Moseley, it’s your generation who allowed downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods to decay. I would invite you to go to and look up the entry for Greenville, TX.

You will notice the original town of Greenville pictured there extending just south of Washington Street northward to Polk Street. This is the historical town of Greenville that, thanks to your generation, went to ruin. Just look at the neighborhood north of Lee Street today. It’s 60 percent vacant lots, the streets are in disrepair and the housing market is so depressed it’s a crime.

Thanks to your generation of unstained, teetotaling do-gooders, our once bustling downtown full of grocery stores, ice cream parlors, department stores and banks was reduced to a ghost town. Now you have the gall to badmouth any effort to bring the downtown area you and your generation decimated back to a viable area full of life and vigor.

I’m proud of what’s going on in downtown Greenville. It’s exciting to see life there after 5 p.m. I went to the Rally ‘Round Greenville event that Friday evening when the wine was flowing and the excellent Emerald City Band out of Dallas came — there was dancing in the street — right there on Lee Street in front of the Courthouse.

Children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged and the older generation (the ones who are truly young at heart — unlike you, Mr. Moseley) were dancing together right there on Lee Street. Greenville had finally let its hair down, and it was wonderful!!!

So please, Mr. Mosley, you and your stick-in-the mud sourpusses — please lay off, because Greenville is slowly becoming a cool hip town, and I very much welcome it.

Craig Waters



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