Dear Editor:

On Jan. 1, 2021, Dave Feezel officially retired after devoting close to six decades to LTV, E-Systems, Raytheon, L3 and now Harris Company.

In 1964, fresh out of college and with a new wife by his side he began his long and distinguished career at LTV Greenville, in the engineering department. Through the next 57 years, he held many positions in engineering, buried his wife, coached, raised two sons and welcomed eight grandchildren into the world. Fast forward 57 years later and he has become the No. 1 senior employee of L3 Harris Company.

I came to know him 17 years ago, when he became my mentor in Mass Properties. There wasn’t a question that he couldn’t answer, a problem he couldn’t solve. Senior staff would come to him because he was a pillar of information. Being new to engineering, I would sometimes panic at questions being asked of me and would rush to his office seeking an answer, Dave would laugh as he leaned back in his chair and say, “we got this,” and would patiently explain what to do.

Today, companies don’t offer retirement plans and more employees are jumping from company to company trying to chase top dollar. Personally, I think the company is losing something invaluable in the process, like an employee that stayed 57 years while building a life for himself and family in our community.

Congratulations on your retirement Dave Feezel and thank you for your 57 years of service. You will be greatly missed, and impossible to replace.

Pattie Wilkins


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