To the editor:

It has been almost a year, yet is seems only yesterday, since the tragic loss of our husband, father, son, brother, our “Hero,” Lt. Todd W. Krodle, while battling an apartment fire with Dallas Fire-Rescue on Aug. 14, 2011.

We’ve tried many times to pen this letter only to have to lay it aside and try again later; but we would like to express our appreciation to this wonderful City, Caddo Mills, Texas, surrounding communities, and the City of Dallas for your many deeds of kindness shown our family this past year.

Thank you to our church family, Highland Terrace Baptist Church pastoral, music, office, custodial staff, among many others, within our church who worked so diligently the week of Todd’s memorial service to make arrangements to accommodate the tremendous crowd that attended his service.

 We appreciate your prayers, the cards, calls and visits. Thank you to the Christian servant from our church that thought of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Honor Guard that stood for five days around he clock at the funeral home, rotating every four hours prior to Todd’s memorial service by taking breakfast to them daily.

What a better place this world would be if we all had a more Christ-like spirit …. Thank you for honoring our Lord, the Honor Guard and Todd that week.

Thank you to Chief Doug Cason and the Greenville Fire Department and the respect and tribute you paid to Todd and our family during this tragic time.

Thank you to the Greenville Firefighters Association for the meal that was served to our family the evening of family visitation prior to Todd’s memorial service. So many times we have been told that you will never find a Brotherhood like that of firemen … and that was certainly exemplified by the Greenville Firefighters Association.

Thank you to Police Chief Dan Buskin and the Greenville Police Department for the respect and tribute shown our family.

Thank you to Sheriff Randy Meeks and the Sheriff’s Department for the assistance the evening of Todd’s death and during the week as well.

Thank you to Don and Page Barker, Joey and Tracy Crouch, Chris and Kimbre Neidhart and the Balfour staff for their love and support.

Thank you to Greenville High School and Principal Heath Jarvis for allowing the friends of the Dallas Fire-Rescue use of the high school cafeteria to cater a meal to all that attended the memorial service.

Thanks to the Dallas Police Department for your contributions.

Thank you Allan Wallen for your parking assistance.

Thank you Crumpton TV for your contribution to the memorial service.

Thank you MercyMe and Joey Bench for your contribution and various technical-issues contributions.

We  could not forget to thank the Dallas Fire-Rescue for all they do and continue to do, especially Station 26, Shift C and the Chaplains who have not missed a week since our loss talking to our families as of this date.

A special thanks to Jay, Amy, David, Holly, Sean, Stephen, Darcy, Bart, Shannon, Lane, Becky, Glenn, Hannah, Bill, Martha, Jane, Sharon, Keith, Craig, Terry and Alan. There is not enough room to mention everyone by name, but know we appreciate all of you.

We are so grateful for the tribute made to Todd; and Todd would have said, “Why all the fuss?” but would have always wanted God’s name glorified — thank you to so many for glorifying our Lord at his memorial service.

Please remember us in your prayers, as we are learning to live our lives without one we loved so much. May the Lord richly bless each of you and protect each firefighter and law enforcement officer.

The family of Lt. Todd W. Krodle,

Kelly, Cade, Caroline Krodle

Richard and Annell (Nell) Krodle

Kurt, Theressa and Kason Krodle



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