To the editor:

I have to take a moment to let the people of Greenville know that our EMT units and our hospital staff of doctors, nurses, LVNs, PRNs, technicians, therapists are quite sufficient to care for extremely ill people.

When I called the 911 emergency number for help with my severely ill husband, they were at my door within 3 minutes and their care and expedition of needed attention kept him sustained until he arrived at the E.R., where those doctors/nurses immediately began proper procedures of evaluating him. I was assured he would be OK and didn’t need to be taken to Dallas.

We were admitted to ICU where outstanding personnel cared for his every need. When he recovered enough to be moved, we went to the third floor and then to the seventh floor — rehab center – and everywhere we went we were treated like “royalty” — from the courteous cafeteria staff, the housecleaning staff, all the nurses/therapists who worked with us were the best in all areas.

We so appreciate the care, the support, the positive attitudes all of these important people gave us while at the hospital. They do not get enough “pats on the back” and their job is one of the hardest jobs in the world. They are to be congratulated.

May God bless our women and men in our hospital from the housekeeping personnel to the doctors/nurses because without them, I might not have my husband today.

Pat Smith



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