Early voting started Monday. I like GISD’s campaign tagline, “For the kids!” But if I could change it, I’d add, “For the kids AND for the community!” BECAUSE good schools float all boats! It will make our community more attractive to prospective homeowners and businesses, which will increase property values across the board. Highland Park is a magnet because of its schools and that drives home values.

If not the first, the second question prospective businesses ask is “What about the schools?”. New schools are a great recruiting and retention tool for quality teachers and important to our industrial workforce.

At some point our 72-year-old Middle School and Childhood Center will have to be replaced. If not now, when and at what cost? Do we really want our children to attend classes in double-wide trailers with accompanying security concerns? The time to upgrade infrastructure is now while interest rates are still relatively low because construction costs will continue to increase year-over-year.

What will it cost the taxpayer? For those with a homestead exemption your taxes will increase approximately $4.00/month on a $200,000 home. For homeowners 65 and older (or those with disabilities) YOUR TAXES ARE FROZEN — you will see NO TAX INCREASE now or in the future.

Our kids are as good as kids anywhere. They don’t just enter robotics completions; they win almost every time. Think Solar Car, Suzuki Strings, FFA and GISD’s vocational programs. Don’t be distracted by the few shortsighted people who don’t want Greenville to grow, who are stuck in past audits, who scream “taxes” at every turn. Let’s be the community that supports our kids BECAUSE they ARE Greenville’s future.

I believe the school board and administration under Superintendent Sharon Boothe have developed the right plan for our community — they have earned our trust. As such, I encourage everyone — especially Seniors — to vote “Yes” for the GISD Bond 2022.

Greenville Mayor Jerry Ransom

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