First, I want to thank you for including the First Amendment at the top of this page.

Next I want to share with you who has created the biggest pile of BS and it certainly isn’t FNC (Fox News Channel). It is the commission of January 6th.

That process was never about obtaining the truth of the events of that day. Their motive had just one objective, which was to discredit former President Trump. The commission’s board were all known president Trump haters.

They allowed a false statement by at least one witness, overlooked the involvement of a FBI agent who was rerecorded inviting the people to go into the Capitol building and not trying to discover who placed the two bombs in Washington.

This entire event could have been avoided if only the people in charge would have accepted the security which President Trump offer for that day.

I thank the Lord for FNC, for without them we would never know the truth of the action by our government in Washington, DC.

Clyde Grimmett


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