Heroes come in many forms and fashions. It could be a school teacher, a police officer, a fire fighter, or military personnel, etc. Those are the obvious choices.

A hero doesn’t have to be someone who pulls another person from a burning building. It can be as simple as someone who goes above and beyond their typical daily routine to help others.

It could be building an elderly person a wheelchair ramp to make their life easier. Or helping a friend or family member seek out the help they need during a difficult time in their lives. A big brother or sister can be a hero to a younger sibling. A mother or father can be a hero to a child by simply being a good mother or father.

Too many times we place people undeserving of the title of hero on a pedestal. YouTube millionaires are not heroes and neither are movie stars or the Kardashians. Heroes to us are the ones who live by mottos like Rotary’s Service Above Self. Heroes are the veterans who put themselves in danger every day so all of us can have our freedom to do as we please.

If you do a simple Google search asking what constitutes being a hero, here is one of the answers: “A hero is someone who does good and courageous things for other people without being asked to do them. A hero is someone who has a strong sense of justice and goodness and acts upon that sense. A hero should not seek fame for the sake of it.”

Another search gave six characteristics of a hero:

1. True heroes serve others

2. True heroes are extraordinary

3. True heroes take risks and face potential loss

4. True heroes are self-sacrificing

5. True heroes are courageous

6. True heroes are usually humble

For us, the individuals who work to make their communities a better place, one inconspicuous good deed at a time are heroes.

That’s what the Herald-Banner’s Unsung Heroes awards are all about. We want to join with all of you to honor those in our community who work quietly and without reward to help make Hunt County a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

Does one of your neighbors frequently show up to mow the elderly neighbors’ yards, without being asked? That’s an Unsung Hero.

We know they’re out there; every year we receive nominations that make us both proud and weepy. The stories of the amazing people quietly doing amazing things in our community are endless.

Unsung Heroes will again this year be chosen from readers’ nominations. Send in your nominations for Unsung Hero awards – their name and yours, your phone number, and why you are nominating them – by email to editor@heraldbanner.com, or drop them off at our office at 2305 King St. in Greenville. Nominations must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

The awards will be presented along with this year’s Person of Distinction honor at a reception on March 24 at The Texan Theater.

Arthur Ashe once said, “True heroism is ... the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Let’s honor our Hunt County Unsung Heroes who frequently serve others outside the spotlight. They are what make our community – and our nation – worth celebrating.


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