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The turnout wasn’t great but those who did take the time to cast their ballots Saturday made it clear that they want Greenville’s roads fixed.

The municipal elections across Hunt County attracted 2,902 people to cast ballots — both in early and in-person voting — and 54% of those votes cast were in the election to determine if the city of Greenville should borrow an additional $50 million to fix its battered roadways. With the exception of 279 people, who apparently think that the roads are perfect, Proposition A was overwhelmingly approved by 82% of the 1,590 votes cast in that question.

This is a significant win for the community. After earning a bond election victory to fix roads in November, Saturday’s win at the ballot box shows leadership by the Greenville City Council to have the guts to push for another bond. The truth is that $50 million will only fix a small percentage of the roads in the city.

Fixing roads in Greenville, along with Hunt County, requires substantial investment, especially when estimates suggest that it costs more than $1.5 million per mile to build roads that are going to last. That’s also a lane mile. That is also a conservative estimate.

Depending on how you view Greenville — as a rural community or an urban one — the cost can jump up to more than $2 million. Then, of course, we’re also in the state of Texas, where it seems that every roadway, highway, freeway or path is under some sort of construction.

What the voters said, except for the 279, was they understand the problem is urgent and they liked the city’s plan to take advantage of low-interest rates and get the work done now. We also would like to remind our readers, most are voters as well, that these problems won’t truly go away, but this investment is a step in the right direction.

With this election, it sends a message to current and future residents, new businesses and potential businesses that want to set up shop here, that Greenville takes these issues seriously and is moving forward with a cost-effective tactic that doesn’t burden the taxpayers. Saturday was a good day for Greenville.

Herald-Banner editorial

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