In keeping with a joyous holiday spirit, today’s Herald-Banner will be a testament to all the good news happening in and around our community.

You won’t find a story in today’s paper about the pandemic or crime or traffic accidents or public malfeasance or political controversies. Call it our way of spreading some good old Christmas cheer to our thousands of valued readers.

The spirit of Christmas manifests itself in myriad ways across this vast, diverse land.

For the very young, Christmas conjures thoughts of Santa Claus and his reindeers streaking through the night sky and stopping to dispense toys at the homes of all the world’s good little boys and girls.

For Christians and non-Christians alike, many people find their spirits lifted by the traditional sights and sounds the season: the melodic carols, the sparkling lights and dazzling decorations, the shimmering Christmas trees, the exchanging of gifts, and cheerful holiday gatherings with those near and dear.

Many are seized by the spirit of giving, and they stuff the red kettles Salvation Army bell ringers or help with toy drives for underprivileged kids or fill food boxes for families in need.

For those who place their faith in Christ the Savior, they might find solace with viewing a live Nativity scene or attending a Christmas Eve church service.

Christmas is celebrated by millions – in millions of ways – across this nation we call America. And whether you’re a believer, a non-believer, unsure or still searching, hopefully we can all agree that “Peace on Earth” is a worthy endeavor.

In that spirit, maybe we can set aside for a while some of the vitriol and ugliness that plagues so much of our national discourse. Maybe we can resist posting the snarky replies on social media. Maybe we can refrain from the zingers and insults and demeaning comments about those who hold opposing views. Maybe we can be a little kinder, a little nicer to one another, if not for ourselves, then in respect for this season of peace and giving.

Today’s paper is our contribution toward that end.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

— Herald-Banner

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