The SWAT Symposium was Friday through Sunday, August 23-25, this year in Waco, Texas. The SWAT Symposium I’m referring to is does not consist of people discussing ways to slap mosquitos (that would be in Oklahoma). You might think the SWAT Symposium is related to the Special Weapons And Tact…

Can concussions be prevented?  Beginning with the first leather helmets, the goal of protective head gear was designed to prevent skull fractures and broken necks.  The helmet was designed in the earliest stages to simply protect the head from collisions.  As helmets became hard shell with p…

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A Garland man sentenced to prison more than a decade ago for two armed robberies and a residential burglary in Greenville, is back in local custody again in connection with a June shooting incident in Wolfe City.

While technology continues to evolve and the job skills needed for someone to remain competitive in the professional world constantly change, old-fashioned “good habits” like time management, determination, teamwork and being “teachable” are still valuable lessons to pass along to young people.

A local man who was involved in an altercation with law enforcement agencies on New Year’s Eve 2014 was taken into custody after an armed standoff with deputies Saturday.

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Lilli Hallam, 68, of Quinlan, TX passed away on Sept. 15, 2019 arrangements are pending with Lynch Funeral Service in Greenville, TX.