To the editor:

Saturday evening after having a small gathering, I was leaving to go to the mall, and I saw a man running in front of my neighbors’ homes. wearing a tanktop and a stocking on his head. He ran down the street and was looking at a neighbor’s cargo trailer with a flashlight. Alarmed, I ran inside to tell my husband. Fortunately for us we have a police officer that lives in our neighborhood. My husband ran to tell him, and shortly thereafter the squad cars came racing down the street, and later apprehended him.

The whole point of this letter is for the community to start looking out not just for yourselves, but for your neighbors as well. It’s frightening to know that the same man running down my street had robbed and injured a woman at the mall. It could have happened to any of us. It is hard to even fathom that something like this could happen in Greenville, let alone in my backyard.

Be alert, pay attention, and call the police if you see someone or something suspicious. It is better to get involved and prevent these situations than it is to sit back. Anyone could be the next victim, and what if it happened to someone you know?

Thank You,

Anita Miller


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